Seventeen​/​Dangerous Game (single)

by The CRY!

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released December 27, 2013

Copyright 2012 "The CRY!"
All Rights Reserved

Arranged and performed by The CRY!: Ray Nelsen, Brian Crace, Dave Berkham, Evan "Maus" Mersky

Produced by Even Mersky/John "Greybush" Nelsen
Recorded at Red Lantern Studios & Fetish Pop Studios, Portland Oregon
Mastered by Foster Mastering, Portland Oregon



all rights reserved


The CRY! Portland, Oregon

The CRY! Is a band from Portland OR. Founded in 2011, The CRY!’s S/T debut album is in it's fifth pressing and has earned rave reviews from Rolling Stone, Maximum Rock’n’Roll and dozens of other industry sources.

The CRY! recently completed their second full-length LP. Titled "Dangerous Game" is, as one record executive said: "Epic!"
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Track Name: Seventeen
(B. Crace)

Yeah, you’re only seventeen
But listen honey that’s fine by me
Cause you know I never get no relief without you here by me
It’s not just the way you dress
It aint about the way you cut that hair
You know you really got me hooked on you
It tears me up when you’re not there

You’re so far away and I heard your mommy say
Don’t let your daddy find out or else he’ll tear my heart out

Your folks say it’s not true romance
Your daddy wouldn’t even give me a chance
Your mommy says that boy’s no good
He just wants to get inside of your pants
People tell me that you’re too young
People saying that my songs been sung
Well I’m just trying to have some fun, fun, fun
And maybe baby I can make you come

Along for the ride so won’t you come inside
Don’t let your daddy find out or else he’ll tear my heart out
Don’t let your daddy find out or else he’ll tear my heart out
You’re only seventeen
Track Name: Dangerous Game
Dangerous Game
(R. Nelsen, B. Crace)

I don’t wanna ride alone on the subway
Come pick me up in your mommy’s new car
I’m so tired and I’ve had such a long day
Don’t ring me up cause I aint going too far

Chorus: In this dangerous game called love
Dangerous game called love
Dangerous game called love
And I don’t know why but I just can’t get enough

Got me goin out my mind trying to please you
Everyday I work my fingers to the bone
And it seems as though there’s nothing that I can do
You leave me stranded baby standing all alone


You know I always loved you
But you never felt the same
Ripped my heart out of my chest
And you didn’t feel an ounce of pain
Well I played with fire and I got burned
Wish I could say my lessons learned
But that’s the way it goes
I aint lying to you no, no, no
I said that’s the way it goes
And it’s the only way I know

See you strutting round in high heels and lipstick
Top it off with a little white bow
Got me wishing my libido had a kill switch
Cause when I’m with you I feel like I might explode
And I don’t know why but my heart’s still stuck
And I don’t know why but I just can’t get enough